Easy Doesit Tech

helping you with the basics of your computer and software needs

Ite Fortiter


I'm looking forward to helping you reach your goals

Software & Custom Work

I do the hands-on work on your computer, either remotely, or after you drop off your computer at my office

  • Updating/Reinstalling Operating System

  • Factory Reset

  • Domain Names and Custom Email Addresses

  • Organizing/Backing Up Files

  • Unsubscribing From/Filtering Unwanted Emails

Training & Consulting

I teach you how to accomplish specified tasks yourself, or strategize with you about reaching your goals that involve software, websites, etc

  • Remote Support

  • Basic WordPress

  • Building A Budget Website

  • Remote Tutoring for Seniors

If there is something that you need that you don't see here,
by all means ask



Your Technician

Easy Doesit G

Offering simplification and ease

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